Welcome and thank you for visiting this new website.

At this early stage, Magazine79 is a publication which covers three main fields:

  • Minorities: We have already started covering subjects related to Jews and Roma in Bulgaria, the country we are based in. Over time, that coverage will be extended in different directions.
  • Places: Our articles and features in this rubric are designed to introduce Bulgaria and other places to readers interested in tourism and culture. The range of subjects in this section will be extended as well.
  • Real Music: This rubric is very different from the others, since it does not focus on any region, but on sounds and artists the Real Music community cherishes.

We are still building and fine-tuning this site. Please bear with us. We will get there.

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Thank you again for your interest.

Imanuel Marcus (Editor-in-chief)

June 2018

Note: Racist, homophobic or antisemitic comments and threats, including death threats, all of which I have received, will be forwarded to the authorities and to certain organizations which deal with security issues of this kind.

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Magazine79 is being written and edited at our office in Sofia (Bulgaria) most of the time.

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So far, this project is non-commercial in the sense that it does not have any income. Once we achieve our goal of having enough income to be able to concentrate on this project only, we will be offering a lot more content.

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