Opinion: No Alternatives in Israel

It seems like a never-ending story: Hamas attacks Israel with missiles, 200 of them within 24 hours, forcing it to react. The Jewish state did so by attacking parts of the terror organization’s infrastructure. Then a “truce” came into force last night. Or how do you call a temporary end to violence terrorists are responsible for? In fact, Hamas stopped most of its attacks knowing the Israeli armed forces, known as IDF, would have thrown their restraint overboard, had they continued.

For days, Israelis living close to the border to Gaza had to run to bomb shelters yet again. In most villages and towns affected, they had 15 to 40 seconds to get there once the sirens sounded, fearing for their children’s lives, and their own. Hamas’ new strategy of sending flying fire bombs into Israel on kites has caused millions of Euro in damage and put lives in danger as well.

As usual, parts of the European left defend the terror organization, saying it was Hamas’ right to stage “peaceful protests”. Well, they are right. Except there are no peaceful protests, but attacks only, during which Hamas keeps on using women and children as human shields.

In all of this, the Israeli left, including the opposition in the Knesset, is a sorry sight. Its criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy is pretty ridiculous, since even they know there is no alternative to force. Not with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Strengthening Gaza’s economy sounds good. So does the idea of setting up a port in Cyprus for all Gaza imports. These are aspects the opposition has been talking about.

But since it was Hamas which triggered the closure of the Kerem Shalom border crossing, by attacking it several times, and therefore worsening Gaza’s supply situation on purpose, not for the first time, it is clear they would do anything to make sure their own people suffer, in order to blame Israel for it afterwards. If it wasn’t Kerem Shalom, it would be any other border crossing or port. Hamas knows that parts of Europe, including many left-wingers, the BDS movement and media, will help them defend their action and spread their mendacious jabber.

In the meantime, the overall situation suggests that Hamas might force Israel into a new war at any moment now. Again, they will put both Israelis and their own people in harms way, and use photos of suffering children as propaganda tools.

Also it looks like Netanyahu’s Likud party will probably be the strongest force in the Knesset again, after the next elections, which have to be held by November 2019. Attempts to indict him on corruption charges are not too successful these days. Neither are the opposition’s attempts to sell alternatives they know they do not really have.

Furthermore, putting pressure on the Palestinian leadership and helping Israel in several ways are the only measures which someday might lead to progress. This includes stopping payments to the Palestinian Authority because of the salaries they are paying to murderers and their families, and withdrawing any kind of support for them, as long as they do not work for peace.

More countries should move their embassies to Israel’s actual capital. So far, only U.S., Guatemala and Paraguay have relocated theirs to Jerusalem. Also, more European governments should align their statements and actions with reality. They need to tell the PA and Hamas that the time to recognize Israel, to stop the terror and to develop the willingness for peace was decades ago. No more excuses.

The Palestinians started rejecting partition plans (or two-state solutions) even before they were called Palestinians, in the 1930-s and 1940-s. With their Arab friends, they attacked Israel not just once and dismissed all peace plans too, while Israel agreed to all of them.

The only plans Abbas, Hamas and their supporters would agree to would include the elimination of Israel. Only when the free world is at least sort of united and clearly communicates a pro-democratic, pro-peace, pro-Israeli, and anti-terror stance, the so-called leadership in Ramallah might understand it has to reverse its course.

There is no alternative to peace or to the recognition of Israel. Neither is there any serious alternative to Likud or Benjamin Netanyahu. In dealing with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, there is no alternative to force.

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