Bulgaria: From Sofia to Burgas by Train

There are five ways to get from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, to Burgas at the Black Sea coast. It is a distance of 380 kilometers. By plane, that trip takes about 35 minutes and costs around 125 Leva (64 Euro).

Driving by car takes three hours and costs anywhere between 65 and 200 Leva (33 to 102 Euro), depending on the vehicle and its gas mileage. This already includes a weekly vignette for Bulgaria’s bad roads.

Taking a bus is another possibility. In this case, the trip costs 27 to 32 Leva per person (14 to 16 Euro) and takes anywhere from five and a half to six and a half hours, since they usually pick up passengers in Plovdiv and Stara Zagora.

Walking is another option. It does not cost a dime, but takes at least 10 days and is pretty fatiguing. People have done this.

Imanuel Marcus chose the fifth option: He went by train, and did not regret it. A one-way ticket in second class costs 18 Leva (9 Euro), and 23 Leva (12 Euro) in what the Bulgarians call first class.

These prices are hard to beat. So are the views included in the price. The trip took seven hours on the fastest train, due to a deviation and a delay on the way. This is his video report.

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