Bulgarian Sunflowers: Shot at Close Range

Our first attempt to shoot Bulgarian sunflowers failed miserably. At 5:30 a.m., we took off from the center of Sofia. Some 15 minutes later we were in Kostinbrod on road no. 88, in order to repeat last year’s successful photo shoot. The only issue: We did not find any sunflowers.

Then we remembered we had actually found some on road no. 8, rather than 88, last year. So we raced to Bozhurishte, located a few kilometers north of Sofia. Again no flowers. At this moment, the enormous scope of this conspiracy against us became crystal clear. We were not supposed to shoot sunflowers that morning.

The prototype of a nice Bulgarian sunflower. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

A week later, on the way to Burgas at Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, one valiant “sunflower expert” was determined to find those things alongside Trakia Freeway, in order to shoot them with his old Samsung phone. Even before Plovdiv, a huge sunflower field appeared. That one needed to be conquered and shot from all angles, immediately. But a 30 kilometer deviation did not take us there. We just did not find that damned field.

In this case, those bloody utility poles stood in the way. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Back on Trakia Freeway, another two million sunflower fields were identified. One was located next to an ugly gas and service station. It was easily accessible, but not an ideal photo object, since the sun was shining towards that gas station, meaning the latter would always be on the photos.

This one was shot at close range with a Samsung S6. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Later we left the freeway at Chirpan in order to shoot sunflowers on a proper field, without gas stations. This time, utility poles messed up the beauty we could have captured. Also it was far too late by then. “Don’t shoot sunflowers after 7 a.m.” is the ground rule. Or at least do it in the evening. That way, they will look fabulous and too sexy to believe.

We will find and invade the right sunflower field, at the right time, before those things are gone.

These sunflowers would have looked even more beautiful in the early morning. Photo: Imanuel Marcus
This one told us it was tired after staring at the Sun all day long. Photo: Imanuel Marcus
Shoot them before they get cut. Photo: Imanuel Marcus
That bee did pick the right flower. A true beauty. Photo: Imanuel Marcus



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