Varna: Flooded Underpasses and Buildings After Strong Rain

In Varna, several streets, underpasses and buildings were flooded after heavy rain battered Bulgaria’s third-largest city, located at the country’s northern Black Sea coast.

According to Bulgarian language media, Varna’s drainage system could not handle all the water pouring down from the sky on Monday afternoon.

The local fire brigade received 40 calls from inhabitants who reported flooded garages, basements and businesses. Bulgarian National Television reported, three kindergartens were among the premises affected.

In at least one underpass under a bridge, several vehicles were standing in water up to their roofs.

As a result of the heavy rain and the floods, public transport in Varna was delayed in many parts of the city. Some bus lines had to be rerouted.

The rain also damaged parts of Varna’s infrastructure. Concrete slabs on several sidewalks were moved by all the water. New gaps and holes appeared as a result.

On Tuesday morning, the situation had improved to a certain extent, while some basements, in both private and public buildings, were still flooded.


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