Bulgarian News Summary: June 5th, 2018

Varna: Rain and Tornado Cause Damage

In the Bulgarian city of Varna, and in villages in the region, excessive rain and a tornado have caused extensive damage. Underpasses were flooded. So were basements in public buildings and private houses. A landslide caused some damage at the sea promenade.

In surrounding villages, a tornado separated some roofs and chimney from several houses and carried them away.

The sewerage in Varna could not handle all the water, when a lot of rain poured down on Monday afternoon. Sidewalks and other parts of the infrastructure were damaged. The city vowed to have them repaired quickly.

Sofia: Municipality Tries to Sell Waste Separation

The Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova is taking steps to make waste separation more popular. Sofia Municipality is promoting a fancy website called “No Waste” (in Bulgarian only), on which the benefits for the environment are being listed.

On a popular social media website with a blue and white logo, Mayor Fandakova announced, expired medicine and household chemicals would be collected as well, at changing locations. She also said, Sofia had collected 720 kilos of small electrical appliances last week alone. According to the Municipality, the collections decrease harmful emissions substantially.

Today’s post by Mrs. Fandakova coincided with World Environment Day.

Boiko Borissov with Germany’s Federal Prosecutor Peter Frank. Photo: Council of Ministers

Borissov Meets Federal Prosecutor from Germany

In a somewhat unconventional move, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borissov met the German Federal Prosecutor Peter Frank at the Council of Ministers in Sofia today.

The government said, their conversation had focused on Bulgaria’s efforts to combat smuggling. Also they talked about the newly created anti-corruption body. The Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov was part of the meeting as well.

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