Bulgarian News Summary: June 4th, 2018

Defense Minister Karakachanov Wants to Change Tone With E.U.

Krassimir Karakachanov, Bulgaria’s Minister of Defense and one of Prime Minister Boiko Borissov’s deputies, said he wanted his country to change to a firmer tone with the European Union. On Nova TV, he stated Europe “did not treat us equally”.

Karakachanow, who is a member of the radical right-wing United Patriots, a junior partner in Borissov’s government coalition, said Bulgaria should look after its interests first. This was his reaction to the European Commission’s steps to modernize mobility, an initiative dubbed Mobility Package 1.

Bulgarian transport companies and politicians say the new rules for drivers of so-called T.I.R. trucks would hurt Bulgarian businesses.

But Karakachanov also complained about the fact that Bulgaria was forced to shut down four Russian-built nuclear power plants in Kozloduy, at the Danube, when it joined the European Union in January of 2007. He also said Bulgaria had an interest in developing its relations with Russia.

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama. Photo: kryeministria.al

Boiko Borissov Holds Talks With Edi Rama in Tirana

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borissov flew to Albania today. In Tirana, he met his counterpart Edi Rama. The talks were supposed to cover the European integration of the western Balkan states.

Borissov will also take part in a so-called Aqaba Meeting. Those were initiated by Jordan’s King Abdullah in 2015 and deal with the international fight against terrorism.

Edi Rama, a former basketball player and artist, who celebrates his 54th birthday today, is a socialist. He has been Albania’s head of government since 2013. Borissov, on the other hand is a conservative politician.

Both Borissov and Rama were mayors of their capitals before becoming prime ministers.

Solunska Street is being renovated along with Slaveykov Square. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Sofia: Major Overhaul in City Center

The very center of Sofia is changing rapidly. At this stage, construction workers have removed the pavement on both Garibaldi Square and Slaveykov Square. At the latter location, the famous book market was removed temporarily. Also, Solunska Street is being refurbished.

In addition, Sofia Municipality will have Graf Ignatiev Street renovated, including the tram tracks. This huge project’s price tag amounts to 87,299,467.32 Leva, the equivalent of 44,635,758.43 Euro.

Read the entire story here.

Weather on Tuesday, June 5th

Forecasters are expecting rain and thunderstorms in areas all over Bulgaria. In some regions, temperatures will drop. At the Black Sea coast, 26 degrees Centigrade were predicted, 20 degrees in the mountainous regions in the very south, and 24 to 30 degrees in the rest of Bulgaria.

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