Bulgarian News Summary: June 3rd, 2018

Kazanlak: Bulgaria’s Powerful Ladies Take Part in Rose Festival

Three of the most powerful ladies in Bulgarian politics took part in the festivities in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak today. The famous Rose Festival there started on Friday.

Tsveta Karaiancheva, the President of the National Assembly, was there with Bulgaria’s Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the E.U., Lilyana Pavlova, as well as the country’s Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova.

On social media, Tsveta Karaiancheva said she was “extremely happy that we are together on the most exciting, most celebrated holiday.” The Rose had been a symbol of Bulgaria for centuries, she wrote.

The Mayor of Kazanlak, Galina Stoyanova, joined the three politicians during their visit.

From the left: Lilyana Pavlova, Galina Stoyanova, Nikolina Angelkova and Tsveta Karaiancheva in Kazanlak. Photo: National Assembly.

Ruse: Pools to Remain Closed Due to Lack of Lifesavers

There are not enough trained lifesavers in Ruse. Therefore, the four swimming pools in the northern Bulgarian city will likely remain closed all summer long, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported.

In the past two years, the Bulgarian Red Cross has trained only 32 new lifesavers. As it turns out, they intend to work at the Black Sea coast during the summer season, since the pay is a lot better than in Ruse.

Update June 6th: The Bulgarian Red Cross disputed the report above, saying there were enough lifesavers.

Sofia: E.U. Ministers of Agriculture Expected on Tuesday

The agriculture ministers of most E.U. members states will gather in Sofia this Tuesday. Their informal meeting is part of the events hosted by Bulgaria during the country’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which will last another 27 days, before Austria takes over.

According to the Bulgarian hosts, the ministers will discuss the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and ways of “attracting a new generation of agricultural workers in the agricultural sector.” But they will also visit a winery and a bio farm.

The CAP supports European farmers by making sure they can make a reasonable living. At the same time it helps tackling climate change and maintains rural areas across the European Union.

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Weather in Bulgaria on Monday, June 4th, 2018

Forecasters are expecting rain in large parts of the country, as well as some thunderstorms, with temperatures between 24 degrees Centigrade at the Black Sea coast and up to 31 degrees in the central and northern parts of Bulgaria.


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