Bulgaria: Organization “Four Paws” Saves Three Bear Cubs

In cooperation with authorities in the town of Smolyan, Four Paws saved three small cubs from the woods in southern Bulgaria last month. The animal welfare organization said the bears were at a very tender age and “stressed because of their premature separation from their mother”.

As it turns out, the cubs were found by a ranger near the village of Barutin, located in the Rhodope Mountains. For now, they were brought to the Dancing Bears Park near Belitsa, according to Four Paws. A veterinarian has checked them.

Dimitar Ivanov, the manager of Four Paws, was quoted saying the cubs had not had any fluids or food for 24 hours, when they were found. Their mother might have been shot. Ivanov stated, the bear siblings were about three months old.

Specialists at Four Paws have begun feeding goat milk to the cubs, two males and a female. The latter is the largest of the three, weighing around 3 kilos, while the smallest one weights only 2 kilos. Four Paws is worried about the lightest one of the three.

Soon, the bears will be taken to a specialized rescue center in Greece, where they will be prepared for life in the wild. Their contact with humans will be minimized.

Bulgaria is a haven for bears, wolves and many other species. This mainly applies to the country’s many mountain ranges. Only a few animal welfare organizations are active.

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