No Culture in Rome

Sure, Rome. No? Yes. Definitely yes. The cradle of civilization, the place where it all started, the pride of the Romans. But no culture. No alleys. No churches. History? Not in Rome.

The first goal was to find a pharmacy, in order to get some nose spray, since I was sneezing like an idiot. Once the seawater liquid the vegan pharmacist had recommended was running out of my nostrils, because I used the spray while standing, I thought I could go and shoot a few pics. There was nothing else to do.

There wasn’t a single photo op in Rome. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.

Once I had taken photos of some stone pillars, the next two photo ops were already visible around the corner. Each of them lead to a million more ruins or old churches. What a mess. Don’t go there unless you have a battery charger, a few gigabytes of free space on your damned hard drive, and good soles.

Back to Rome itself: It definitely a yes. I lost track of all those churches and ruins. Hell, the only sightseeing spot I could identify was the Colosseum because I was so busy shooting photos that I could not read the travel guide I brought along.

Here a heap of stones nobody will clean up, there another one. Over and out.

Nobody ever falls in love. Not in Rome. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
The big synagogue gets mistaken with a fast food restaurant all the time. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Where in the hell is the palace they promised? Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
No, coming to Rome does not feel like time travel. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Sure. Exactly. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Another pile of rubble. No history in sight. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
That bird flew into the damned picture without permission. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Somehow there is no atmosphere. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
There are no colors either. In neither of the city’s countless churches. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
The local supermarket has pillars. So what? Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
No, Rome does not have beautiful alleys at all. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.





There are no kosher restaurants either. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Someone wanted a new concert grand. This is what he got. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Tourists just don’t know what to do there. So they stay at their hotels. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Hardly anyone ever goes to Rome. What would they see there, anyway? Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
There was no beauty. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.


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