“Zhenski Bazaar”: The Main Market in the Heart of Sofia

“Zhenski Pazar” (or “Zhenski Bazaar”), the “Women’s Market” in the very center of Sofia, is one of the places tourists in the Bulgarian capital ought to see. Today, this market does look a little less exotic than before, since it recently had a major makeover.

But, compared to most of the city center, this market seems more like the “real Bulgaria”, meaning it still has part of its Eastern European charm. Walking around here is like time travel, at least a little.

Water taps are extremely popular these days. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.

At “Zhenski Pazar” they sell it all, including water pipes, fruit, veggies, nuts, fish, coffee, Bulgarian bakery products, such as banitsa, but also t-shirts, pants, chocolate and absolutely everything.

Many elderly people, Bulgarian Roma, but also tourists are wandering around at this location. Some vendors do not want their merchandise photographed, but others do not mind.

The fruit offered are partially very fresh and inexpensive. photo: Imanuel Marcus.

The prices at “Zhenski Pazar” are mostly quite low. Some locals are disappointed about the quality of the fruit though. Vendors do not let their customers choose which apples or cherries they want, and they end up with partially rotten fruit. But this does not seem to apply to all of them.

“Zhenski Pazar” is the right place to have a coffee at, or a bag of cherries, while sitting on a bench, watching. And it is the right place for using cameras.

Sesame spread is probably very healthy. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
Zhenski Pazar in Sofia, on a more quiet day. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.
These fish were probably swimming in the Black Sea, days earlier. Photo: Imanuel Marcus.


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