Bulgarian Foreign Ministry Condemns Nazi March in Sofia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria strongly condemned the so-called Lukov March, which went ahead in the center of Sofia last night. On Sunday morning, the Ministry called the event a display of xenophobia, discrimination and hatred.

“This manifestation of unadulterated intolerance towards others took place less than a month after the whole world paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust”, a statement released by the Ministry said.

At last night’s march in Bulgaria, people of different nationalities had demonstrated hate and intolerance in Sofia, during Bulgaria’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“This must be a clear signal to us as a society and as Europeans, who have not forgotten the suffering caused by World War II, that it is not enough just to recall the tragic events”, the Foreign Ministry read.

The statement also said every act of hatred or glorifying antisemitism and Nazi ideology was “absolutely unacceptable.”

“Intolerance towards those who seemed different, and the incitement of intolerance and hate speech was an attempt to shake the democratic values that we stand for as a people and as a community”, the statement continued.

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry also said it highly appreciated the efforts of the World Jewish Congress and the organization of Jews in Bulgaria, Shalom, to raise public awareness on this subject. It thanked both of these organizations for their ongoing fight against the causes of antisemitism and hate speech.

In addition, the ministry vowed it would “continue to work for human rights, combating violence and spreading the culture of peace”, in cooperation with international organizations as well as its partners from the international community.

On Saturday evening, the Embassy of the United States of America in Bulgaria had released a statement too, saying it was “saddened and troubled to see the display of intolerance represented by the Lukov March. General Hristo Lukov was a Nazi supporter who promoted hate and injustice, and is not someone deserving of veneration.”

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