Electronic Sound Pioneers: Kraftwerk to Perform All Over the Balkans

Kraftwerk, a unique music group from Germany, founded in 1970, will perform in several Eastern European countries in February and March of 2018. Those include Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Calling them the pioneers of electronic pop music is not exaggerated at all. When their album ‘Autobahn’, their first huge success, was released in 1973, people could not believe their ears. There was a band which had the guts to do something hardly anyone had done before.

“Autobaaaaaahn. Autobaaaaaahn.” That is what the chorus of the title track sounded like, with computerised voices and synth sounds. What might sound rather conventional today, when read in an article like this one, was nothing less than sensational in 1973.

Kraftwerk, founded by two guys named Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, foresaw the future of Pop music, from the perspective of the early 1970-s, and decided to accelerate it in their recording studio. They hired studio drummers and got going. A few years later, there were four members.

In 1978, not just their sound, but also their look had become futuristic. Their tunes, along with their outfits and videos, were like little Science Fiction stories. When they appeared on German TV, they were ‘Die Roboter’ (‘The Robots’). And that is exactly what they sounded like. ‘Das Model’ was another big hit.

Whenever other bands tried to copy the original Kraftwerk sound, the group had already developed further. There is only one Kraftwerk. This applied back then, and it does today.

In 1981, Kraftwerk embarked on their first world tour, during which they were extremely successful in Japan. During the second half of the 1980-s, their tune ‘Musique Non Stop’ was on M-TV’s heavy rotation. In 1997, the New York Times called Kraftwerk “the Beatles of electronic music”. In 2014, they even got a Grammy Award for their lifetime achievement.

Kraftwerk is still Kraftwerk. Their sounds are still pathbreaking in the world of electronic music. They are the ones who co-invented it, along with Jean-Michel Jarre and few others.

These are Kraftwerk’s upcoming gigs in Eastern Europe:

February 11th, 2018: St. Petersburg, Yubileyny

February 13th, 2018: Moscow, Kremlin Palace

February 15th, 2018: Helsinki, Finlandia Talo (2 shows)

February 17th, 2018: Tallinn, Saku Arena

February 18th, 2018: Riga, Arena Riga

February 19th, 2018: Kaunas, Zalgiris Arena

February 21st, 2018: Budapest, Papp Lazlo Sportarena

February 22nd, 2018: Ljuljana, Dvorana Tivoli Sports-Arena

February 24th, 2018: Belgrade, Arena Beograd

February 25th, 2018: Sarajevo, Mirza Delibasic Hall

February 27th, 2018: Skopje, Sportski Centar

February 28th, 2018: Sofia, Universiada Hall Tickets for Sofia

March 1st, 2018: Bucharest, Arenele Romane Tickets for Bucharest

March 3rd, 2018: Athens, Faliron Pavilion

In Summer of 2018, Kraftwerk will also “do” Zurich, Cork, Werchter, Stuttgart, St. Margarethen, Copenhagen, Trondheim and Pula.

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