Highlights Lost Heroes 

Tommy LiPuma: The Guy who Produced Them All

When Tommy LiPuma was born on July 5th, 1936, in Cleveland, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. When he listened to Nat King Cole and Ruth Brown on the radio, lying in bed due to a bone infection he was suffering from, the war in Europe was about to end. Once young Tommy was fine again, he found himself holding a tenor saxophone, which he would soon play in a local big band. Very early on,¬†at age 25, Tommy LiPuma had excellent ears and good judgement. As a promotional representative for…

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Norman Connors: The Jazz-Funk Captain Turns 70 Today

Norman Connors. This name stands for so much. During the 50 years he has been active, especially since the late 1970-s, he should have been celebrated a lot more than he was, and he should have been more famous in Europe and Asia. “Captain Connors” is one of the last great Jazz-Funk and Soul pioneers alive. It all started 70 years ago today, on March 1st, 1947, in Philadelphia. Some years down the road, his interest in Jazz was big. So was his ambition as a young drummer. When Norman…

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